Baileys Horse Feed

Baileys Horse feeds aim to provide top quality horse feed which enables your horse to lead a healthy and happy life. Baileys Horse feed Feeding a horse can actually be quite a complicated business. You...Read More

Seals Win National Award

The team at Seals Fodder Room were delighted to win the TopSpec knowledge based competion THE team at Seals Fodder Room were delighted to win the TopSpec Outstanding Game at this year’s BETA International, (British...Read More

Horse feed and animal feed

It is important to ensure that every animal gets the right amount of nutrients and goodness from their daily diet. For those of you who own horses or any other livestock, you will know that...Read More

Quality Animal Feed is Vital

There are feeds available that combine state of the art technology and nutrition to create a substance that help owners of horses with feeding problems to feed their animals in the most natural possible way....Read More

The Importance of Quality Horse Feed

Stables need to keep plenty supplies of horse feed. However, the type of feed used and the portions horses require are governed by the weight of the horse. Stables need to keep plenty supplies of...Read More

What’s new at Seals Fodder Room?

Exports to France We have a link with George White European to deliver feed to the South West France area and the rates are very competitve from £100 to £150 a pallet plus VAT. Visit...Read More

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