Seals Win National Award

The team at Seals Fodder Room were delighted to win the TopSpec knowledge based competion

THE team at Seals Fodder Room were delighted to win the TopSpec Outstanding Game at this year’s BETA International, (British Equestrian Trade Association) walking away with the £1,000 prize.

The competition focused on knowledge of the TopSpec range, and the company philosophy and principles when it comes to product development.

With 10 sentences to complete by adding in a missing word, the winner was the visitor to the stand who finished the game in the quickest time.

Throughout a busy three days at BETA International, Kevin Walters of Seals Fodder Room in Derbyshire, completed the game in the fastest time, showing his excellent knowledge and expertise.

Said Kevin: “I was delighted when I finished the sentences and went to the top of the leader board but didn’t think I would run out the winner.

“It is great to win £1,000 but also I was very pleased that the game tested my knowledge which is something I feel is very important when running a retail store.

“The questions asked everything from what ingredients are in certain TopSpec products to questions about the company’s equine research unit so I felt very proud to get them all right and in the quickest time.”

Picture Caption

Left to right: Kevin and Alison Walters of Seals Fodder Room, TopSpec Business Development Manager Corrie Green with the £1,000 prize.

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