Sugar Beet

New season shreds available This season's Sugar Beet harvest is well underway and we now have the shredded version in stock. We are hopeful that the other types will be available soon.Read More

Parsnips are Back

New seasons parsnips are back in stock today, they are still the same price has last year.Read More

Carrots are Back

New season carrots are now back in stock New season carrots are now back in stock, due to their fresh nature we are keeping small quantities in at the moment but we will be re-stocking...Read More

Rock Dust

Boost long term soil fertility Rock Dust is an Organic soil remineralisation top dressing; it adds a huge range of Natural Volcanic minerals and trace elements. Rock Dust can be applied any time of the...Read More

Feed to France

More feed than ever before goes to France Export sales to the South West of France have now grown to around 25 customers, some people share a pallet of feed with their friends while some...Read More

Christmas Winner

Seals customer Victoria Lane wins the Christmas Hamper For the last 4 years Seals Fodder Room have entered customers who spent over £30 into a free raffle to have the chance to win a Hamper....Read More

Baileys Horse food

Baileys all-round competition mix is great for horses such as show jumpers, polo horses, dressage horses etc. Feeding a horse can in fact be rather a complicated business. You'll want to evaluate the kind of...Read More

Baileys Horse Feed

There are numerous forms of horse feed available and it is important for the health and overall condition of your horse to feed it with a decent quality horse feed. Feeding a horse can actually...Read More

Baileys Horse Feed

Baileys Horse feeds aim to provide top quality horse feed which enables your horse to lead a healthy and happy life. Baileys Horse feed Feeding a horse can actually be quite a complicated business. You...Read More

Seals Win National Award

The team at Seals Fodder Room were delighted to win the TopSpec knowledge based competion THE team at Seals Fodder Room were delighted to win the TopSpec Outstanding Game at this year’s BETA International, (British...Read More

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